About the "Frog Lesson"

This lesson, which I call "Frog Legs" has three themes.

The first theme, mostly in the first part, has to do with creating a map of the space that the foot can travel when resting on the floor. Initially in standing, you take the knee and foot to the side and raise the knee -- you will feel unsteady. This is partly due to having a poor internal map about where that foot can move in space. So the first part, on the floor, is increasing the quality of this internal map.

The second theme is moving with ease. Your curiosity is stimulated and, in order to sense with curiosity, one has to reduce the effort.

The third theme was connection and power. Connecting the foot with the support of the floor, with the other leg, and implicitly the pelvis. Power is the consequence of connection.

All this is done in a safe position, lying on the floor.

At the end, in walking, you find new balance, ease in the hips and low back. You will feel taller. You may find that some yoga poses are easier (you will find more information in the lesson description).