How to Benefit

Ground Rules for FELDENKRAIS Lessons

Here are the ground rules for doing Feldenkrais lessons.

The recording has instructions for a series of movements that will help you discover some new and important things about how to coordinate yourself.

1. You are doing this lying down so that you have more freedom to experiment and explore without any risk of hurting yourself.

2. For each instruction, do the movement a number of times -- 5 to 10 times, something like that -- so that you can explore how you do it.

3. Don't do the moving just once and hold the position like in yoga class.We are not interested in holding positions but in how you go through the process of doing a movement and returning to your starting position.

4. Each time you do the movement see if you can find a way to make it feel easier and more comfortable.

5. Don't do anything that feels like a stretch; I've got nothing against stretching but it's just not what we're doing here.

6. Don't do anything that feels even a little uncomfortable since good coordination never feels uncomfortable or painful.

7. Make each movement as small as necessary to feel comfortable or if you're finding a movement especially challenging just imagine you're doing it.

Let me emphasize this one more time -- do nothing that feels uncomfortable in any way. If you do, the lesson will not really have any benefit for you.